Felicity Patisserie: Home-cooked food turned gourmet cuisine
Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The first time I read the invite to visit and review Felicity Patisserie, my initial reaction was, “oh no!” You see, I’ve been shying away from incredibly sinful treats for the past half year. The most I’ve eaten of pastries while on marathon training was a bite or two. Beyond that, no more. The “Patisserie” in name scared me — I felt as if I would be submitting myself to absolute sinning, a misconception that was eventually debunked as soon as learned more about it after some prodding from my husband Marc.

Choco Nirvana

Don’t let that absolutely tempting, diet-failing photo of a chocolate marvel above fool you. Felicity Patisserie is more than just about pastries — they serve succulent and healthy dishes too! Read more…

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