Healthy cooking from The Maya Kitchen
Thursday, 1 September 2011

Last month, INOS Cookware showcased healthy, oil-less recipes at The Maya Kitchen. I’ve been trying to cook healthier dishes for the family — partly to stay fit and keep healthy, but at the same time, save a bit on grocery expenses — so I jumped at the chance when I got the invite through my friend Ryan of Kain Pinoy.

You see, I really like watching cooking shows. But this was the first time I ever attended a live cooking demo.

Oil-less Pancakes and Baked Macaroni

The dish you see above is good ‘ol pancakes and baked macaroni — minus the oil. This is probably my favorite. It’s healthy and simple, but at the same time, still very tasty! I’ve already cooked it here at home more than once. I’ll probably blog about it in a separate post, I’ve made some “modifications” to the original recipe to suit my taste 🙂 Here are some of the other dishes we were taught and tasted that day… Read more…

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