Hot off the grill
Saturday, 21 February 2009

Grilled Lamb

Last January, I’ve finally been able to convince my dad to call our foreman and have our half of the backyard tiled and covered partially with an extended roof (I left the grass under the mango tree though, Marc didn’t want to waste our money having the tiles ruined when the tree’s roots grow bigger). Anyway, after the construction, we were pretty much broke so the husband thought it wasn’t the right time to buy a grill. I’ve been meaning to buy me grill once the backyard had been cleaned up, you see. I thought it would be long before I got me one, but after purchasing some lamb chops at Shopwise during my monthly grocery shopping, I’ve been able to convince Marc to buy a grill—telling him that the best way to cook lamb chops is to grill! 😀 Read more…

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