Gigi’s Custaroons: Custard and macaroons in one!
Friday, 29 May 2009

Gigi's Custaroons
Gigi’s Custaroons by kutitots, on Flickr

From a simple baking hobby, to a full-fledged business. Gigi Gaerlan started this unique pastry eight holidays ago as a Christmas gift to her friends and relatives, who in turn started ordering from her to give to their friends—friends of friends eventually ordering from Gigi as well. And that’s when it started. Gigi’s Custaroons is now a booming home-based business.

When Gigi first approached me about her Custaroons through my personal blog, I have to admit the product piqued my curiosity. Two desserts I love—leche flan (custard) and macaroons—combined in one cupcake-sized pastry. I knew the Custaroons would be thorn in my diet (I was imagining my boxing coach frowning in disapproval as I replied to Gigi expressing my interest), but I just had to try it. Read more…

Yummy cake from Baby Chef
Sunday, 1 March 2009

Baby Chef Chocolate Cake

The very first time I saw that cake, I was skeptical. Growing up with a mom and a sister with Diabetes, I am quite sensitive to the sweetness of cakes and pastries. Though I was lucky to inherit my dad’s genes which allowed me to pretty much each whatever I wanted (except for those that I’m allergic to), I still got used to food without too much sugar since it was my mom doing the cooking before she had that fateful stroke. I guess that’s why I’m usually iffy eating fondant cakes—unfortunately, the fondant cakes I’ve been able to try in the past were already too sweet for my taste. Read more…

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