Felicity Patisserie: Home-cooked food turned gourmet cuisine
Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The first time I read the invite to visit and review Felicity Patisserie, my initial reaction was, “oh no!” You see, I’ve been shying away from incredibly sinful treats for the past half year. The most I’ve eaten of pastries while on marathon training was a bite or two. Beyond that, no more. The “Patisserie” in name scared me — I felt as if I would be submitting myself to absolute sinning, a misconception that was eventually debunked as soon as learned more about it after some prodding from my husband Marc.

Choco Nirvana

Don’t let that absolutely tempting, diet-failing photo of a chocolate marvel above fool you. Felicity Patisserie is more than just about pastries — they serve succulent and healthy dishes too!

Felicity Patisserie is a start-up restaurant/cafe owned by husband and wife Jasper and Carol De Leon. Interestingly, Jasper was Marc’s class moderator and art teacher in Ateneo High School. It’s such a pleasant coincidence that of all the food entrepreneurs to stumble upon our humble food blog, it would be the wife of his former teacher. After introducing me to the man who helped honed my husband’s artistic skills in high school and the usual are-you-regretting-marrying-my-crazy-former-student-yet teasing, we started our meal filled with good food, catching up, and reminiscing.

The first we tried was the Mi Callia Chicken Masala (Php175). Paired with rice, the tender chicken fillets were marinated in Indian spices. The flavor was quite memorable, as I’ve always liked the spices in most masala dishes. But unlike most Indian food, it wasn’t too hot — the spice was just right — you’d still be able to enjoy this dish without needing to drown yourself in water. This seemed to be Marc’s favorite; I never got more than two bites of Mi Callia Chicken Masala as he placed the plate right in front of him and far from my reach the moment he got a taste of it. 😛

Mi Callia Chicken Masala

Next up was the Dory with Tomato-Pesto Confit (Php200). Now, this I liked! Soft, juicy dory fillet topped with a flavorful sauce of tomato and pesto. It went so well with steamed rice. The serving was also more than enough. Add an extra cup of rice, and you’d have a filling meal for two! Not bad for Php200.

Dory with Tomato-Pesto Confit

Another dish I also enjoyed was the Lean Pork with Basil Cream Relish (Php195). Two thin slices of fat-less pork embedded with herbs and filled with cream cheese and a basil leaf, then topped with buttered strips of carrot and celery. I don’t like eating celery, so I’m not really sure how the piece flared with it. But for sure, I liked how the carrot went well with the pork and the filling. I guess I’m also biased — I love basil! The pork was a bit overcooked though, but other than that, it was a new take on pork and basil I appreciated.

Lean Pork with Basil Cream Relish

Marc and I were already bursting to the seams when they brought out the last dish, the Hickory Barbecue Country Ribs (Php185). I loved the sweet barbecue sauce — sweet and tangy, with just the right amount of spicy. It could use a little less salt if taken on its own. Though if paired with the mixed vegetables and rice, the seasoning becomes just right.

Hickory Barbecue Country Ribs

Turns out, I did have something to worry about when dessert came. The delicious pastries were so addictive that I couldn’t help but temporarily forget my 7-month pastry abstinence (if my nutritionist reads this, I am so dead). Unfortunately, I didn’t just momentarily forgot my diet — I also forgot to take note of the prices of these yummy desserts 😛

Felicity Patisserie’s Blueberry Cheesecake is just how I like my blueberry cheesecake done. Freshly topped with blueberry sauce, not too sweet, and the cream cheese firm but still a bit fluffy.

Blueberry Cheesecake

The Frozen Brazo… For my husband, the brazo addict, this was heaven. The yellow part was a delicious combination of frozen custard and ice cream — imagine eating chewy ice cream! But best of all, it wasn’t too sweet so don’t be surprised finishing a slice but still wanting for more.

Frozen Brazo

Is it obvious that their Choco Nirvana is just my absolute favorite? Two photos in a post, and that’s a first 😀 If the devil offered Eve this instead of an apple from the Tree of Knowledge, she’d probably eat the whole tree dry. Yes, it’s that sinful. The crumbly chocolate crust complements the soft texture of the filling. Even a forkful would be unforgettable. After all, the melt-in-your-mouth quality isn’t something you’d easily forget. It’s not too rich, and it’s not too sweet either. Definitely a recipe for diet disaster — it’s so addictive you’d want to get the whole cake just for yourself. I enjoyed it so much that I coaxed my husband into buying me a slice for take-out after playing basketball with his former classmates the very next day.

Choco Nirvana

Jasper and Carol found a gem in Felicity Patisserie. From simply cooking at home, they’ve turned their family’s passion for food into full-pledged restaurant/cafe. The homey, pastel interiors exemplifies exactly what Felicity Patisserie is: a place where family and friends get together for a round of good food and conversation.

Felicity Patisserie is located at 2nd Floor Unit F, Holy Spirit Drive corner Don Matias St., Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City. For inquiries, you can reach them at 0917-853-1998. They’re open from Mondays to Sundays, 11am – 9pm.

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