House of Polvoron: Reinventing an old-time favorite
Monday, 27 July 2009

Pinipig polvoron
Pinipig polvoron by kutitots, on Flickr

My sister is an avid fan of polvoron. Back in elementary, she and her tutor used to make loads of polvoron during their breaks. And me, being the elder sister with no patience for cooking at that time (lucky for my husband, it’s the other way around now!), just enjoyed eating whatever she and her tutor came up with. We used to put an entire bite-size piece into our mouths, then threaten our babysitter of talking with our mouths full of polvoron—and get a telling off from our parents if they caught us.

Every now and then I still crave for that home-made polvoron—the recipe of which my sister forgot to take note of—so you can just imagine how excited I was when House of Polvoron (HOP) approached me to try out their specialty polvoron!

Assorted polvoron from HOP
Assorted polvoron from HOP by kutitots, on Flickr

You see, I’ve already had my own bad experiences with commercialized polvoron. Some have too much butter, or too much powdered milk. But worse are those that are too dry that I’d be afraid to swallow because I might choke. HOP’s, by far, is one of the best I’ve tasted (those of Goldilock’s and Red Ribbon’s are some of the brands that I can actually enjoy).

HOP’s polvoron is creamy—a great blend of butter and milk without one overpowering the other. Its flour is toasted just right, blended with the right amount of sugar, giving each polvoron a sweet, crunchy taste. Its texture isn’t too dry, and its shape holds enough for you to take a bite. Each serving isn’t too big either (though I prefer eating polvoron little by little, and not the whole piece unless I wanted to annoy someone). I can manage downing two without the need to drink water, unlike the low-quality commercial ones that were too dry I needed water right after trying to swallow a bite.

House of Polvoron (HOP)HOP’s Assorted Polvoron came in different flavors—Pinipig (puffed rice), Cashew, Pili and Cookies n’ Cream were among the four we were able to taste. By far, the Pinipig-flavored ones were my favorite (which, unfortunately, is also my sister and my husband’s favorite so they were the first to disappear). The Cashew and Pili flavored ones come in second, while the Cookies n’ Cream I least liked. Call me boring, but for me Cookies n’ Cream on polvoron are just a bit too weird. I prefer more “natural” flavors like puffed rice or nutty bits embedded in my polvoron.

A box of assorted polvoron from HOP costs Php108, and contains 20 pieces. Not a bad value. It also comes in a box with a nifty design—perfect for gift-giving or as a pasalubong. Frankly, my husband and I were surprised it only costs Php108… we were expecting more especially with a packaging like that.

You can get your own box of HOP polvoron from their three outlets to date: SM Megamall, Glorietta 4 Food Choices, and Trinoma. For more details, you can visit their website at

And yep, HOP only sells polvoron. Nothing else, but just polvoron.

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