Plain and simple: Grilled oyster on the half shell
Thursday, 5 March 2009

Oyster in a half shell

Did you guys hear the news story about the burning of pigs (suspected of being contaminated with Ebola) in Bulacan last week? Well, my dad was assigned to cover it by the daily he works for. My mom and sis rarely went out of town, so Dad took the opportunity to bring them along and visit his cousin while he was on assignment. Plan was, they’ll stay at his cousin’s place while he took shots. But the authorities changed their minds and called off having media cover the burning. Since expectations of both my mom and sis were already set, they went ahead with their plans. Marc and I didn’t go, but made them promise to bring home fresh oysters from Balagtas on the way home.

It’s probably because of the fish pens in Bulacan or Balagtas (or wherever those fish pens are), that oysters there are cheap. For about Php450, you get a sack of oysters about two feet high (maybe taller, I don’t know, I’m not very good at measurements). Since I was still excited about my new grill, I started to burn the coals as soon as my dad called to tell me that they’re already near our subdivision’s gate (I was so excited, I know). I was becoming an “expert” at burning coals—I was able to start grilling in no time!

As usual, grilling gave the oyster that awesome smokey flavor, complementing its natural, sweet, seafood taste. My sister liked her oysters a bit raw, but not me. I’m perfectly happy with a well-done oyster, exactly like the one you see on the photo I took above.

The oysters remained edible until after the next day. Trick here is not to wash the mud off until you’re ready to eat it. I don’t know if that’s a scientific fact, but hey, none of us ended up in the hospital even after we attacked the remaining mud-covered oysters the next day. But if you know you’ve got a weak stomach, it’s better to eat the oysters fresh and not wait another day after purchase.

My sister, Marc and I stuffed ourselves with the oysters until we couldn’t take in another bite—then conked out soon after. Stuffed and punched-drunk we were 😛


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