Guiltless snacking with Healthy Options
Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Part of my marathon training was to have a nutritionist to guide us participants in losing weight but still taking into consideration the grueling preparations for a 42.2km run. It was during that time I realized how important snacking was. I’ve always had this misconception that eating snacks in between meals can make you fat (or fatter for that matter), but lo and behold, it was actually the snacks that helped me lose around 20 pounds within six months. I became less prone to overeating during meals, which, most often than not, usually happened whenever I got too hungry before lunch or dinner.

Hold on though… When I say “snacks,” I don’t mean junk food and stuffing yourself like there’s no more tomorrow. As much as possible, I limit my snacks to healthy stuff: fruits, veggies, low-fat and low-sugar biscuits, and the like. But I’m no saint. Chocolate and chips will always be my weakness (I think this is pretty much evident in the previous post hehe).

I give in to the temptation every once in a while so I don’t crave for them too often. But what if you can have snacks and still be within the “healthy eating range”? Read more…

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